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The Texas Institute of Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine (TiOS) specializes in General Orthopedics with an emphasis on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy.

Why choose Us?

Why choose UsSpecialized & Experienced.

TiOS surgeons are subspecialty trained in Sports Medicine and have completed formal fellowships. They have extensive experience in Sports Medicine.

Our Mission

Our MissionA Selfless Passion for Excellence in Care.

TiOS is proud to provide Orthopedic care to our community and we are committed to providing the "state of the art" care to all of our patients.

What We Do

What we DoSports Medicine Specialists.

The Orthopedic Surgeons at TiOS specialize in General Orthopedics with an emphasis on Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy for patients Grapevine, Texas and surrounding areas.


Our staff is dedicated to helping you understand how insurance will work best for you.

Symptoms Chart

There are a few red flag warning signs that may indicate serious problems.


1600 W. College Street Grapevine, TX
Main Office: Suite 130
Physical Therapy: Suite 438
9:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday

Meet Our Doctors

Amir Khan, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Sports Medicine Specialist

Zubin Khubchandani, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Sports Medicine Specialist

Scott Wenger, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon
Sports Medicine Specialist

Jordan Ernst, DPM, MS

Foot and Ankle Surgeon


  • Pain is not a good indicator of when to see a doctor for a spine problem. While a back spasm can be excruciating, the good news is that ligament strain doesn’t require surgery. Numbness and weakness in a hand or foot is actually the most serious symptom, and if not seen within a week, could become permanent.


Treatment Options
  • Experts estimate that 50% of surgeries are unnecessary. Many people can recover from painful symptoms with nonsurgical treatment options like injections that reduces inflammation around a nerve root or customized physical therapy to strengthen the affected muscles and ligaments.


Treatment Options
  • Sometimes, if nonsurgical treatment, rehabilitation and therapy is unsuccessful, the only way to heal a problem may be through surgery. If you have a condition that is irreparably damaged or has eroded away because of arthritis, then surgery may be the next logical step. Learn more.


  • Physical therapy plays an important role in healing after injuries, accidents and surgeries. TiOS works on restoring flexibility and easing discomfort. Our therapists are experienced in working with patients of all ages and activity levels from children to senior citizens and college to professional athletes.


What our patients say?

"On May 23, Dr. Wenger performed a total left knee replacement on this 70+ aged woman. By mid July, after excellent physical therapy at Core Rehab in Keller, Tx., I was back home in Flagstaff, Az. I am totally pleased with my new knee and able to perform all and any physical tasks which I had not been able to do for about two years. No more pain; definitely all gain!! Thank you, Dr. Scott Wenger."

Helen H.

"I have known Dr. khan for over 10 years. He has taken care of both my knees and shoulders. Very down to earth. Working with him in the medical field has been a pleasure. I would highly recommend Dr. Amir Khan"

Will H.

"I’ve been to Dr.Zhubchandani twice now and I’m 22, health wise I’ve been through a lot and he’s super informative even when he couldn’t treat my particular condition he referred me to someone who could! The staff is great and very polite! Physical therapists are extremely great at what they do also! He’s the only dr I trust with a needle!"

Kaylen T.

Patient Satisfaction

How patients rate TiOS Orthopedics

92% of patients felt they received proper and sufficient communication while visiting the TiOS.

Physicians & Staff

91% of patients felt the staff and physicians were friendly and addressed their concerns.

Pain Management

89% of patients felt that TiOS was effective at treating their pain and conditions.

Overall Care

90% of patients felt they had a positive overall experience when visiting TiOS.

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Our new location is NOW OPEN!

The new location is just around the corner in the Medical Office Building connected to the east side of Baylor Grapevine Hospital. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to caring for all of your orthopedic and physical therapy needs.


1600 W. College Street Grapevine, TX
Main Office: Suite 130
Physical Therapy: Suite 438